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Beauty of the Crimea! Or go to Alushta

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Beauty of the Crimea! Or go to Alushta

Good luck to all my readers and simply passers-by! Today I was a little distracted by the foreign holiday, and here I offer you my impressions of last year's visit to our home, the Russian Crimea. It will focus on Alushta.

The station that it would be better to call them as children Alushka called Alushta,

so it called the second oldest resort center of Crimea to exchange a bit much for two centuries.

I do not know about you, but I have always sympathized Alushta, she somehow became quieter and quieter and less vain,

and not so demanding in terms of price, Alushta everyone can afford.

It all started from the settlement in the fortress Aluston created by the Byzantines in the fifth-sixth centuries.

In the old part of the city of three towers with high thick walls

the fortress has survived only one round.


In Alushta and you can relax well and improve their health,

for example in the modern boarding house "Crimean Dawns" eat dumplings and always clean easily.

Especially that the city is not in place it becomes comfortable,

nobler, more convenient in relation to the service, already here and new technologies come to all the customers satisfied even the most demanding,

although Alushta even the most capricious newcomer exactly want to feel just walking on the paths to passers-by, not VIP travelers. The town that suddenly throws the entire metropolitan pomposity and arrogance residents of large cities.

Crimea because it's a real "Treasure Island" in all respects, in the natural, historical, cultural and geographical course too.

Here in Alushta and the treasures that's exactly there, because one of the local bars so-called "Treasure Island".

There probably earns in retirement after the piracy all known since childhood-legged Silver,

He is sitting at the bar and on the shoulder of a parrot - Pieces of eight - Pieces of eight bird cries.

And if piastres you have no problems, then you can have fun in full in the modern and traditional attractions,

they are close to the waterfront or pay a visit to the local supermarket so-called reason.

You can honor their attention concert visiting celebrities, invites you to Nikolai Trumpeter, where's Moses ???

How, then, is not gentle sea splash spray sun and hubbub, muscular fresh breeze,

and where is the adults where the kids would not make out.

That cafe "Red Poppy" here in 60 years after the rest of filming actors

who starred in the famous comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

Shura's it's sitting here, with Nikulin Vitsin and Morgunov, in general, "bambarbiya kirgudu" great place grin.

Here are the stairs fun pounding heels Nina, she Natalya Varley,

and now girls heels on the stairs! All in pripryzhku

down modern Komsomol, athletes and of course beautiful.

Shot "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and that the village Radiant at a mountain Demerdzhi in the vicinity,

from here you can get to the valley of ghosts and hear just such a legend,

at the fortress which was built in the early Greeks of the 13th century, had to fierce nomads settled on the top of the mountain and arranged the weapons smithy

and when there on the orders of the fierce bearded blacksmith-fit at work

local men, all of them died soon from hunger and overwork.

To save them to the right local girl Mary, beloved of the young people hijacked smiths into slavery, but it, too, was taken prisoner,

and the mountain will not tolerate such evil people and turned all the blacksmiths in the stone quarries

so there was a valley of ghosts Demerdzhi way Spirit in Turkic means blacksmith.

The picturesque gorge Hap-Hal is not the highest is only 15 meters, but the most powerful waterfall of Crimea

he does not stop even in the dry season creating unimaginable noise.

In its beautiful waterfall and the surrounding Crimean forest especially when it is colored with bright colors of autumn,

better Alushta mountains can be only mountains of the Alushta's for sure.

How do I get past the beech and pine forests of the Crimean reserve, hunting grounds of the Kings.

It cut off from civilization, in the shade of ancient trees are living monks.

Monastery of Saints Cosmas and Damian was founded in 1856, Christian monastery at one time visited

Russian Emperors Alexander III, Nicolas II of, close to the main gate of the monastery has healing power Sav-Bow,

which translates to "Healthy Water", and here is another local landmark, was built along the river where the trout farm bred

involuntarily freezes watching the movement of the royal fish recall Paustovsky line,

splashing stream where trout, sweet time to charm the eyes Pushkin wrote about his favorite time of the year autumn.

Paints Crimean forest full confirmation of this, it is really beautiful and a little sad.

Mountain road goes on and on, it runs from reserves and at all times strive upward,

and here and there the snow seemed the height of more than a thousand meters of a joke,

on the plateau at a height of almost one and a half three meters of snow is in the early autumn,

but even he could not hide stretching to the sun germ, it is a small miracle Crimean edelweiss,

and here is the local native mouflon, deer any cold uneasy.

From here you can admire the highest peaks of Crimea Roman Kosh 1545 meters above sea level,

our Crimean native bear Ayu-Dag seems very small from that height.

But the seven winds and gazebo built on the edge of the cliff, and of course the main thing is the unforgettable view

hitting every corner of the mind, penetrating to the heart.

At such times, it comes an exciting feeling that to discover the secrets of the universe,

and I touched something forbidden, on this subject there is a stanza:

here mountain forest, he was always so,

here the air like a witch's brew,

already flickers first star,

il wolfish eyes lit in the darkness.

(I do not remember the author's pardon, but it is precisely about these places written)

The Pile-Kalambaka, there is the so-called Crimean "house" once influential princes Gagarin, I advise you to take a look a typical Manors park architecture for these beautiful places.

Prince's Palace was built in 1907,

to which he was invited by a famous architect Nikolai Krasnov,

All building materials were imported from Europe, Italian marble and various types of tiles, from a variety of French glass and glassware,

tile products and other products made of baked clay was brought from Germany.

Here is a lasting impression Alushta and its surroundings at me,

I highly recommend to visit it for those who want to plunge into the world intertwine

modern and at the same time quiet end of the 19th century.

In the world of monasteries and farmsteads, legends and favorites of kings ....

Thank you, please rate this article I'm trying for you,

and I will be glad if you share the article with your friends on social networks and of course any repost this article, but with the link to me, let's respect the authorship.

To be continued...

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